Where I’ve Been!!!

I have been to quite a few places to eat here in Dallas.  Some of these are brand new, and some have been around forever.  Forgive me for the ones that I write about that have changed drastically, but sometimes that happens.  I’ll try to stay in the loop and inform you guys of these changes as much as possible.  Also, a lot of these restaurants and bars I tend to frequent, so they will end up with more pictures and new information from time to time.


BuzzBrews at Central 75 and Fitzhugh

Acme Food and Beverage and Monticello and Mckinney (CLOSED!!!)

Aboca’s Italian Grill at Central 75 and Meadow Road

Be Raw Fresh Food and Juice near NW Hwy and the Tollway

The LOT in East Dallas

J.Black’s on Henderson

Baker’s Ribs on Greenville south of Lover’s

Matt’s Rancho Martinez near Skillman and Live Oak

Velvet Taco at Knox/Henderson and Central (75)

Cellarman’s American Pub in Sherman, TX

Lemon Bar and Grill on Henderson (CLOSED!!!)

La Calle Doce at Skillman and Oram

The Old Monk at Knox/Henderson

Hacienda on Henderson (CLOSED!!!)

The BBC (British Beverage Company) in Uptown

Shuck and Jive at Lovers and Greenville

Vickery Park on Henderson

Victor Tangos at Knox/Henderson and 75

Sundown at Granada on Lower Greenville

Dalat Vietnamese Restaurant on Fitzhugh

Alligator Cafe in East Dallas

Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House at Garland and Peavy Rd.

Barcadia on Henderson

The Mecca at Skillman and Live Oak

The People’s Last Stand in Mockingbird Station (Mockingbird and 75)

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