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J. Black’s on Henderson! (CLOSED)

We got really lucky on the night we visited J. Black’s.  We were just driving around and randomly chose this place.  I said, “Let’s just go there.  I’m too hungry to think.”  It was Tuesday, and they have half-priced pizza and $3 select drafts on that day!  Score!!!  I think I got the Rahr Whiskey Warmer.  Plus it was kinda slow, so we had awesome service.  I didn’t know if our server was a manager, server, bartender, or all the above, because he was all over the place.  Behind the bar, on the floor, making drinks, running food, adjusting other server checks, etc.  Whatever the case, he was bombtastic.  I hate that they were kinda slow, but I loved it too.  It was nice and laid back.

For an appetizer we got calamari.  It was great!  It came with greens, parmesan, cocktail and tarter sauce.  As soon as we were done, we got our half priced pizza.  We were gonna get the crab an portobello pizza but ended up getting the omnivore that was recommended by our server/manager/bartender/owner/carpenter dude.  He said that he thinks seafood is odd on a pizza… to him.  He said it’s good but odd.  I like odd. I’m gonna try it next time.  Anyways, we got the omnivore.  It had Jimmy’s Italian sausage, pepperoni, salami, ranch bacon, mushrooms, pepperoncini, and feta.  It was nice.  The crust was thin and crispy, and it was meaty.  Very flavorful!  The half priced pizza deal strayed me from perusing the rest of the menu, but after we were done, I realized they had lollipop lamb chops!  I love lamb!  Sooooo……  next time I’m getting the weird pizza and lamb.  No need for a menu.  Just ring that in please…  And crab cakes.

Off the subject, I LOVE that they played some old school Michael Jackson.  I think it was Girlfriend or P.Y.T.  I was in heaven.  Also, the seats were super comfy, and there was a LOT of … HD TVs!  😉  I highly recommend this place during their slow times.  I’ve heard less impressive stories during their peak hours on the weekend.  To be honest, that’s the case at any restaurant or bar.  It’s just common sense.  We all strive for perfection, but we’re only human.  Sometimes we fumble.

J. Black’s Menu

J. Black’s website

Victor Tangos at Knox/Henderson and Central (75)!!!

I love this place!  The food is delicious, and it’s a great escape from the outside world.  No windows.  It’s like a big, cozy, well lit, basement, with awesome people.  When I walk in, I feel like I just entered a well kept secret.  Almost like I shouldn’t be here.  The staff here are super nice.  I just can’t help but smile when any of them speak to me.  Also, I noticed a lot of Texas brews on draft.  I love that!  I had the Fireman #4, and my buddy had the Lakewood Wheat.

For food, we started with a flatbread.  I try to be sure and order whatever’s written on the board behind the bar, because it’s ALWAYS good.  The flatbread had grilled shrimp, lemongrass sausage, fresh jalapenos, cheese, etc. etc.  It was great.  After that we had the dayboat scallops, mussels, and roasted bone marrow.  The bone marrow came with caramelized onions (“onion confit”) and buttered toast.  Be sure to put it all together for the best bite ever!  The scallops laid on a bed of mushroom risotto and black bean sauce.  The mussels were served with a buttered baguette, and we discovered more lemongrass sausage in the bowl!  Wow.  I usually get the lollypop lamb chops, but I was a bit full after that random “surf and turf” we devoured.

For dessert, I was gonna get the toffee cake with an extra side of that fancy whipped cream.  I always get it, but opted for a cocktail called “The Last Word”.  I said, “can I get the last word?”, but he spoke, so I guess not.  LOL?  Not so much?  Oh well.  It was very good!  It had rye whiskey, lemon juice, green chartreuse, and maraschino liquor.  Shaken to perfection and poured in the least manly glass I could drink from…  as I kept my pinky out.  I was very happy with my cocktail as my dessert.  It was delicious, and I am not insecure, so I took my time.

Oh. They have so many other good things on the menu.  This is just what I had on this visit.  Definitely try other things. (tuna nachos)  Their kitchen is usually open until midnight EVERY night except Sunday when they’re closed, of course.  They’re located at Knox/Henderson and Central across from Velvet Taco and right next to Sleep Experts.



May 2014.  New Chef.  The menu has changed a bit.  Still very good.  Check it out.  They kept the most popular items if you’re worried about the bone marrow.  😉

Dalat Vietnamese Restaurant on Fitzhugh!

Alrighty, then!  I was told to go here because they have good food and play a lot of Michael Jackson music.  I LOVE Michael!!!  Of course, you know I love food.  I was told to get the meatball shot by a bartender near by, but I came to eat.  I started with a Vietnamese beer called HUE.  It was light and refreshing.  The appetizer I ordered was called the Dalat roll.  It was a crispy egg roll wrapped in a spring roll.  I ripped it apart and ate them separately for some reason.  You know?  We eat Reeses PB cups in different manners.  It just felt right.  The peanut sauce made it that much better.  Delicious.  My main meal was the beef pho suggested by the bartender.  It was very good as it came but even better after I “tweaked” it.  He told me about their “side bar” where I went to pimp my pho.  I got limes, cilantro, beets (?), etc., but passed on the fresh jalapenos.  I threw all that in and added sirachi, pepper, and a mysterious brown sauce.  I couldn’t stop eating it!  It was good!  Check this place out.  I highly recommend it.

Also, they have a projector screen that they use for sports and stay open until 2am every night.  (once was 3am, but a select few drunks ruined it for us all).


Barcadia on Henderson in Dallas, Texas!

I had the wings, shiner barbecue and original spicy, and the Barcadia burger with pepper jack cheese, green onions and fruit as my side.  My friend had the chicken fried steak and gravy with veggies and cheddar mashed potatoes.  Of course, everything was very good.  We both got rather full and enjoyed $3 Texas beers (Tuesdays).  Video games are free on Tuesday, but only learned this after shelling out about $5 in quarters!  I thought it was half priced food, but that’s on Mondays.  Still, our tab was under $60 even with all that food and about 5 or six beers.  I didn’t look at the check.  I just paid it.  One habit I should probably change.  We had fun (cuz I won most of the arcade challenges), and we left satisfied.  Thanks for being there, Barcadia.  It’s nice to escape to the past every once and a while.