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The People’s Last Stand! Cocktail lounge in Dallas, TX.

Delicious rabbit.

UPDATE:  The Chef’s here have been replaced a few times, so the menu is very different than when I wrote this.  The stuffed avocados are the only thing that seemed to have lasted over the years.  Probably because they ROCK!  I’ll revisit and write an update real soon.  The current menu looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to try their new items!  (February 2016)


The People’s Last Stand is a cocktail lounge in Mockingbird Station.  They make awesome drinks, and the food is really good.  Their Chef does magic in that tiny little kitchen!  Also, the seating there is super comfortable.  Almost like home.  I also enjoy the random movies they put on the televisions and the art that rotates on the walls.  Cool place.  It’s located on the second floor.  Same level as the theater a few yards from the Irish pub.

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