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Buzzbrews at Central 75 and Fitzhugh!

April 2014…

Hey!  Sorry I haven’t written in a while.  I got side-tracked with this silly thing called LIFE!  Anyways, I’ll post my rough draft and just edit it later.  I’m itching to get another post under my belt.  Also, notice that I put links at the end of my posts to the restaurant website.  I do this because over time, a lot of these places change Chef’s and management causing the menu and decor to possibly change as well.  Check the dates on my posts and possible updates in the end of the post.  If it’s old, it’s old.  Just read for fun.

Okay, Buzz Brews is by far my favorite breakfast place to go in Dallas.  They are open 24 hours a day at the location I go to, and it’s BYOB during regular bar hours.  They do NOT have a bar.  They DO have a huge selection of coffees to choose from.  If you get up to get some, it will end up on your tab of course.  A lot of people get pancakes, omelette, steak, or just dessert.  I always get the same thing even though I have tried almost everything on the menu over the years.  I get the build your own crepe stuffed with turkey, spinach, button mushrooms, avocado, and cheese (I do switch the cheese up sometimes).  All crepes are served with a delicious poblano cream sauce over the top and a side of fruit, toast, and jelly.

To drink?  I usually get the kombucha of the day.  I always love it when they have the apple ginger one, but I am never disappointed if it’s different.  Speaking of drinks, if I’m not very hungry, I just get a smoothie and add green stuff to it.  It comes with a buttered honey toast and jelly to balance out the health factor.

Warning, they do have community seating, so it’s possible a stranger may end up at your table if they run out of tables.  It’s never happened to me, but the idea scares and excites me at the same time…  Scared more, so instead of sit at a table, I now sit at the “bar” where the desserts are displayed.  I can’t have a stranger staring at me while I eat asking me for my toast while they wait on their food causing me to seemingly accidentally cough all over my food as I wipe saliva from my chin, palm the toast, and hold it out.  “Here you go.”

Alrighty then!!!  In short, their food is always good when I go.  I found my favorite item.  Now go and find yours.  Tell them eatingdallas.net sent you!!!  🙂

buzzbrews menu

buzzbrews website

The Truck Yard on Lower Greenville!

The Truck Yard on lower Greenville here in Dallas is definitely one of my favorite new additions!  I can’t wait for the weather to get nice so that the stage outside is always booked!  As far as parking?  If you don’t think you can park there, don’t park there!  I got a ticket for parking in the huge empty lot next to them that was riddled with tire tracks where hundred have parked before. Still, no pavement.  My bad.

As far as the menu, it’s always changing because they change out the food trucks on a weekly basis.  When I went, there was a Mexican, Italian, and Greek truck.  If you’re ever unsure which truck to visit, just go into the main building and order a cheesesteak (or live dangerously and choose a truck you pansy!).  They drop the meat on the grill right in front of you and chop it as it cooks.  They ask you what type of cheese you want on it, and I usually choose the kind that doesn’t destroy my bowels.  🙂  Once you get it, don’t be afraid to use the condiments provided when you get it and on the counter on the other side of the door as you leave the grill line.

The patio was super cool.  I felt like I was in a redneck museum!  There were truck beds made into patio tables, igloo bar stools, liquor bottle chandeliers, old school picnic furniture, old coke machines, DIRT, a stage lined with acoustic guitars, and a tree house!  Actually, I’d call it a tree patio since there weren’t walls and a roof, and it wasn’t built IN the tree like I tried to as a kid (everything fell down including me).  Still, not to rain on their parade.  It’s a tree house that has tree house cocktails as well!  Go get some!

Also, they DO have wait staff working the floor.  Unfortunately, it’ s not always easy to distinguish them from the rest of us.  A couple of times I asked, “Excuse me.  Can you get me a beer?”  I then got a look that didn’t really sit well.  I can interpret it here, but that would take a few pages.

Beer?  Of course they have the regular selections, but they ALSO keep the Texas selections available!  You know, the more you support local, the richer our city becomes? (As I point at you with my politician’s thumb).

Anyways, I’ll put the website links below.  Keep it real!

The Truck Yard website!

The Truck Yard Food Truck Calendar!


Sundown at Granada on Lower Greenville!

I love this place.  It must be the feng shui (?).  Very earthy and inviting inside and out.  They are passionate about their cocktails, and local support of food products, beers, vodkas, wines, etc.  Texas, y’all!  My favorite burger there is called the Sundown.  The onions are caramelized in root beer (or they were back then)!  Grass fed beef, goat cheese, and pecan smoked bacon.  Wow.  My favorite appetizer is the Mediterranean.  It has taboulleh, roasted garlic, hummus, feta, olives, and pita bread.  The garlic is my favorite part.  You gotta squeeze the clove out.  My favorite cocktail is called the Sundown (go figure).  It’s got Sailor Jerry’s rum, fresh jalapenos, agave nectar, fresh lime, ginger beer, and bitters.  On this visit, I got the Freebird.  It was a thick and juicy chicken breast with pepper jack cheese melted on top with mushrooms.  Sweet potato fries were served on the side.  My friend and I are trying to do low-carb, but we devoured those fries!  Oh, his meal?  He got the Fitness Feast where you choose a protein and a salad.  He got the andi salad (kale) and Chisolm trail patty.  It’s hard to make kale taste good, but they rocked it!

Speaking of rock, they recently built a huge stage in the dining room!  Pretty soon, they’re gonna have live music every night of the week from 11pm to 2am!  Food and drink in the day, and music at night.  I love it!

Ah, I forgot to mention that they have awesome flatbreads, entrees not mentioned (surf and turf), vegetarian, AND vegan options.  I can’t really write about those options.  I’m too busy flossing the flesh from my teeth.  If you’re out late, come join me at the bar!  😉


Oh, check these videos out.  I put it on youtube.  I think it was on a Wednesday.  Birds of Night. http://youtu.be/xUSsd9yHDMU

and Monday.  Effinays.  http://youtu.be/2d9u4rYisZA