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Dalat Vietnamese Restaurant on Fitzhugh!

Alrighty, then!  I was told to go here because they have good food and play a lot of Michael Jackson music.  I LOVE Michael!!!  Of course, you know I love food.  I was told to get the meatball shot by a bartender near by, but I came to eat.  I started with a Vietnamese beer called HUE.  It was light and refreshing.  The appetizer I ordered was called the Dalat roll.  It was a crispy egg roll wrapped in a spring roll.  I ripped it apart and ate them separately for some reason.  You know?  We eat Reeses PB cups in different manners.  It just felt right.  The peanut sauce made it that much better.  Delicious.  My main meal was the beef pho suggested by the bartender.  It was very good as it came but even better after I “tweaked” it.  He told me about their “side bar” where I went to pimp my pho.  I got limes, cilantro, beets (?), etc., but passed on the fresh jalapenos.  I threw all that in and added sirachi, pepper, and a mysterious brown sauce.  I couldn’t stop eating it!  It was good!  Check this place out.  I highly recommend it.

Also, they have a projector screen that they use for sports and stay open until 2am every night.  (once was 3am, but a select few drunks ruined it for us all).