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The Hacienda on Henderson! (CLOSED!!!)

Before I came here, I watched hours of a competitive cooking show (“Chopped” I think), and one of the Chefs competing made ceviche out of the ingredients given to her.  That made me crave it, so immediately I thought of Hacienda.  I love their ceviche, plus I can combine the complimentary chips and salsa that comes first!  I just mix everything given to me and go to town.  I squeeze the limes in, dump in the salsa, cut up the avocados and dump in, etc. and just mix it all up.  Chips for dipping!  When I was done, I noticed the cholula next to me.  I LOVE cholula and didn’t see it until the end.  Bummer.  Oh well.  Next time.  They have a lot of good Mexican food that I didn’t actually try on this visit.  This post is obviously obsessed with the ceviche.  I will expand it more at a later time.

As far as specials, they have HALF PRICED FOOD on Mondays, and Tuesdays they have $2 select drafts, $2 tacos, and $2 house margaritas!  Also, they have a comfortable patio with, you guess, HD flat screens!  Check ’em out.


Barcadia on Henderson in Dallas, Texas!

I had the wings, shiner barbecue and original spicy, and the Barcadia burger with pepper jack cheese, green onions and fruit as my side.  My friend had the chicken fried steak and gravy with veggies and cheddar mashed potatoes.  Of course, everything was very good.  We both got rather full and enjoyed $3 Texas beers (Tuesdays).  Video games are free on Tuesday, but only learned this after shelling out about $5 in quarters!  I thought it was half priced food, but that’s on Mondays.  Still, our tab was under $60 even with all that food and about 5 or six beers.  I didn’t look at the check.  I just paid it.  One habit I should probably change.  We had fun (cuz I won most of the arcade challenges), and we left satisfied.  Thanks for being there, Barcadia.  It’s nice to escape to the past every once and a while.